Price : $8.50
Brand : Vita Nut Milk Bag

Best Nut Milk Bag ~ Reusable 12″ x 10″ Fine Mesh Strainer for Almond Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Juice & Yogurt. Bonus Recipe E-Book.

The Secret to Pulp Free Nut Milks and Juices, Without the Mess, Frustration, Waste and Tearing You Get With Cheesecloths or Cheap Nut Milks Bags!

5* Amazon Review: Awesome awesome awesome, and did I say AWESOME? Sorry, but I used a cloth bag for 2 years before discovering this little beauty. Making almond milk is no longer a chore. 🙂

Only Filter Once. Ultra Fine, High Quality Reusable Mesh Bag Means No Pulp Gets Through.
Make More Milk from Your Almond Milk Recipe! Tight Weave and Heavy Duty Fabric Mean You Can Squeeze More Milk Out. No More Waste, and Drier Pulp!
No Holes, Tearing or Clogging Like You Get With Cheaply Constructed Bags You Have to Keep Replacing. Our Premium, Double Enforced Outer Stitching Lasts Longer and Works Better than Other Bags.
No Dirty Residue. Durable, Tight Weave Means No Pulp Left Behind. Your Bag Stays Sanitary for the Healthiest Drinks, Sprouts and Yogurt Possible.
No Moldy Bags. Vita’s Enforced Drawstring Makes Drying Quick, Complete, and More Sanitary.

Exclusive Amazon Bonus
Get the most from your Nut Milk with Vita’s Specially Designed Recipe Book. Free Almond Milk, Hemp Milk, Cold Brew Coffee, Sprouting, Greek Yogurt Recipes and More!

Plus, you’ll have email and phone access to our expert Vita Nut Milk Bag team to answer all of your questions.

Vita’s Guarantee
Exclusive no questions asked Better Than Money Back Guarantee. Our bag will not stretch, tear or form holes so you get the best results, or your money back.

Start Making the Healthiest, Best Tasting Nut Milks, Juices, Yogurts, Sprouts and Cold Brewed Coffee Before Our Inventory Runs Out

ORDER 2 TODAY – Get one for nut milks, and another for cold brew, juice or yogurt!


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