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Brand : Coffee Gator

Coffee Gator Glass Storage Container – Plus Hacks eBook – Display Jar for Beans and Grounds with ‘Pop and Lock’ Lid – 45 Ounce, 35 Nespresso Pods

A Coffee Gator ‘Pop and Lock’ Jar Makes Pod Storage a Kitchen Feature.

Ok, so we’ll level with you: we designed this sexy-looking jar as somewhere to store your Nespresso capsules. But it turns out you can use it for pretty much anything you like. (Before you ask, no, you can’t keep your hamster in it and no, it’s not suitable for storing weapons. We’re talking about food here).

We wanted to make something that would lock air out but let you see your pods at the same time. Let’s face it, coffee snobs might look down on pods but they make your life easier and if nothing else, they look super-cool, right? So why stuff them in a drawer where you can’t see them? It doesn’t make sense.

•Capacity: 44oz / 1.3l
•Diameter: 3.9″ / 100m
•Height: 8.9″ / 226mm
Approximate Measures:
•Coffee pods / capsules: 35
•Ground Coffee: 13.3oz / 377g
•Whole Beans: 16oz / 455g

The airtight ‘Pop and Lock’ lid seals in whatever you care to put in it makes it a kitchen feature. So get your hands on this storage jar while the pricing angels are smiling down on you. Go on, you know it makes sense.

So dance like there’s nobody watching. Love like you’ll never be hurt. Sing like there’s nobody listening, and store your pods in a Coffee Gator Holder.

Amazon buyers trust Coffee Gator to supply premium quality coffee accessories. Check out our customer reviews – we’re pretty darn proud of them.


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