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Coffee Panda Cold Brew Coffee Maker – 1.8L / 60oz Premium Glass Pitcher with Reusable Stainless Steel Filter and No-Slip Silicon Base – Includes Bonus Ice Tube Chiller and Stir Spoon


Your new Cold Brew Coffee Maker will never leave your refrigerator.

– The Coffee Panda Cold Brew Coffee Maker is made of rugged BPA free glass and has an extra-large 1.8L (60oz) capacity that yields just over six cups of cold press coffee.
– Fits in the main compartment of most refrigerators, keeping your iced coffee fresh for weeks.
– Equipped with removable, BPA free, no-slip base designed to eliminate slipping on smooth surfaces and eliminate spilling.

Stop waiting in long lines and spending money purchasing cold brew from your local cafe.

Our cold coffee brewer’s removable, laser-cut, stainless steel filter reliably prevents coffee grounds from escaping into your brew. It can be cleaned and disassembled in less than a minute.

Keeps iced coffee icy cold and fresh – the way it’s meant to be drank.

– Insert the Ice Tube Attachment to keep your cold brew ice cold outside of refrigerated environments.
– Enhance the strength of your cold brew coffee by maximizing exposure of the coffee grounds to water.. We’ve included a bonus stainless steel stir spoon to make stirring easy and mess free.
– Comes with a FREE RECIPE E-BOOK written by a professional chef containing five gourmet recipes guaranteed to impress.

We take our products (and coffee) seriously at Coffee Panda. In the rare circumstance that you feel unsatisfied with your 1.8L Cold Brewed Coffee Maker, feel free to return it for a full refund. You won’t hurt our feelings…we promise.

Interested in brewing larger batches of less acidic, smoother ice coffee? Just click the Buy button at the top of this page.


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