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Commercial Ice Cream Maker Machine Fried Ice Cream Machine 110V

Our fried ice machine operating a wide range, flexibility, compared with similar products, power consumption is extremely small, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
If refrigerated or frozen drinks were fried ice, the better. Especially for innovative design, the product looks especially luxurious, beauty and health.
Pot which is product configuration is to storage variety of seasonings, produce a variety of different flavors of fried ice, very compelling.
This is suitable for small-scale self-employed, but also hotels, bars, cold stores essential equipment.
It can use pure water, plus a prepared formula and fruit drinks, you can create a variety of types of soft and hard ice cream, smoothies, ice, ice mud, slush, snow ice, fruit ice, ice porridge, fruit, etc. Processed foods taste good, rich in nutrition, refreshing cool down.
The fried ice plug is inserted in a dedicated ground within three hole sockets, see the voltage is normal, and then open the “fried ice” switch, over about 2 minutes, until the pot began to frost, then pour the fried ice beverage, after speculation, if stick in the pan, shovel it up, just need to hold down “defrosting” defrost switch (each about 10 seconds to loosen defrosting), then continue to fry ice.
If within three minutes after the shutdown, there is a need to re-fried ice operation, first a “defrost” operation for 10 seconds, before opening “fried ice” switch.
If it is in three minutes after the operation, you do not need to press defrost , fried ice can simply press the switch.


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