Brand : Cuisinairre

Cuisinairre Dual 6-Liter Commercial Restaurant Grade Stainless Steel Dual Deep Fryer, 6-Liter

The “Cuisinairre” Dual Deep Fat Fryer features commercial restaurant grade Brushed Stainless Steel construction with dual 1750 Watt immersion heating elements, two heavy duty stainless steel fryer baskets, two polished stainless steel lid covers and two 6-Liter stainless steel cooking oil tanks. 12-Liters total oil capacity. Each side has a separate thermostat to automatically maintain temperature from 140F to 392F (60C to 200C). Dial reads in Centigrade (60C to 200C) and conversion chart from Centigrade to Fahrenheit is included with directions. Two electrical cords (one for each side) plug into common 110/115 Volt-2 prong plug with ground. IMPORTANT: At highest temperature setting on a 110/115 Volt circuit, each commercial rated heating element pulls just less than 22 amps. To keep from tripping the breaker, you must plug EACH SIDE into an outlet connected to a dedicated 20 Amp circuit or higher. Both sides CANNOT be plugged into the same outlet and each outlet MUST be on a separate 20 Amp or higher circuit. If you are planning on using a 20 Amp circuit, no other items can be plugged into the same outlet or be on the same circuit. If you will be using a 25 Amp or 30 Amp Circuit, certain other electrical items can be on the same circuit, depending on their current draw. Check the amperage rating of each outlet you intend to plug this unit into and please do not purchase if you do not have the correct amperage available. Please Note: To insure correct operation when placing temperature controller/heating element into frame for the first time, the small white safety switch on bottom of temperature control unit must be fully depressed. If small white safety switch is not completely depressed, heating unit will not come on and may appear to be defective.


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