Price : $205.65
Brand : Garden at Home

Cuisinart SMS-201S Sparkling Beverage Maker, Silver, Garden, Lawn, Maintenance

Put a Sparkle into Ordinary Tap Water Save money, save time, save space, save the planet. Do all that and more with the Cuisinart Sparkling Beverage Maker. This magic machine turns plain water into sparkling water in less than 15 seconds. Add flavorings after you carbonate for delicious homemade sodas. You control the level of carbonation; you control the sweetness. The CO2 cartridge easily snaps in to make up to 16 liters of carbonated water with the push of a lever. Get ready to enjoy the drinks you love — seltzer, sodas, energy and sparkling cocktails. Custom Control and Lots of Options Make delicious soda with tap or filtered water with your own ingredients — no salt, less sugar, more natural flavorings. Choose the carbonation level, add flavorings if desired — even create homemade energy and party drinks. Delicious homemade recipes are included. Hints and Tips The Chill Factor To get the best bubbles, be sure to use the coldest water possible. Store the carbonating bottles fill


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