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FiZZ GiZ-II Soda Rope Home Carbonation Kit

The FiZZ GiZ-II Soda Rope soda maker kit (UPC: 661799440264) is the most reliable budget soda maker on the planet – and the first of its kind. Soda makers come in all varieties from more than a dozen manufacturers worldwide. Most are countertop models occupying limited shelf space in the kitchen. A small soda maker about the size of a coffee cup can easily be stored in the silverware drawer where it will never be in the way. It fits compactly in your backpack or your back seat. You can carbonate anything under the sun – no problem. Our competitors’ products are limited to carbonating only water. But with the FiZZ GiZ, carbonating grapes, cranberries, melon balls, citrus wedges, turning wine into Champagne and recarbonating flat soft drinks are all a snap. You can even force Teriyaki sauce into chicken strips, fully marinating the strips in as little as 12-15 seconds. For safety, the unit comes with its own built-in pressure regulator you can set so that no more CO₂ goes in the bottle than the bottle was designed for. None of the other home soda makers sold here on Amazon or in retail stores nationwide have pressure regulators that regulate the gas pressure BEFORE it goes into the bottle. This is an important distinction our company is proud to offer you this safety feature. You can reuse many soda or seltzer bottles. One of the best bottles is the S.Pelligrino bottle – you can find right here on Amazon. Just search for ASIN B003Q4TVKW. My apologies to Amazon customers requiring delivery outside the United States. I cannot ship FiZZ GiZ kits with CO₂ to international destinations.


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