FOTOWELT Frozen Healthy Ice Cream Maker (Black and Silver)

Ice cream maker is very simple to use, just insert your favorite combinations of frozen fruit into the ice cream maker chute tube and out comes your delicious frozen treats of healthy soft serve ice cream to enjoy.


1.Place bottom of Gasket into the Bottom Cap.

NOTE: There is a top and bottom to the Gasket. The top measures 3-3/4 inches and the bottom measures 4-1/4 inches.The Gasket fits snugly in the Bottom Cap.

2.Carefully get the Blade Cone on the Gasket.

NOTE: Always insert gasket into cap before screwing cap into blade cover

3.Screw Bottom Cap into the Chute and Blade Cover.


1.Unscrew bottom cap from blade cover (Clockwise)

2.Carefully remove blade con .

CAUTION: blades are sharp

3.Remove gasket by lifting.

WARNING: Blades are very Sharp.DO NOT touch blades.

CAUTION:DO NOT attempt to disassemble, clean or service the fruit ice cream maker while power switch is on and/or electrical cord is plugged into power source.


Dishwasher-safe components

Wash all five components of chute assembly with soap and warn water or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Wipe base with damp cloth.

DO NOT submerge base, plug or cord in any liquid or allow liquid to enter motor housing or electrical components.


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