Price : $29.99
Brand : George Foreman

George Foreman GFP84OP Evolve Grill 3-Serving Omelet and Snack Plate Accessory Set

Expand the versatility of your George Foreman grill even more with our 3-portion omelet and snack plate accessory set. The unique 3-serving plate design lets you easily make omelets, snack pockets and more, right from your counter. With our George Tough nonstick coating, you can cook without oil or butter, plus enjoy fast and easy cleanup in the dishwasher. The 2-plate set is compatible with any Evolve Grill, Kitchen Bistro or Next Grilleration G5, G4 or G3 grill (model numbers GRP4EMB, GRP4EP, GRP4EWS, GRP90WGR, GRP93G, GRP94WR).


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