Price : $203.00
Brand : Globe Food Equipment

Globe IR1800 – 1800W Countertop Induction Range

The 1800W Countertop Induction Range (IR1800) from Globe Equipment Company provides more than 1,800 watts of cooking power wherever required. It’s controlled by a touch pad and has six power levels, and a four-digit LED display alerts you to what’s going on. This range automatically detects if cookware is not induction-ready, which includes cast iron, steel, enamel cast iron and stainless steel with an aluminum-clad bottom surface. It will heat cookware with a diameter of 4-3/4″ to 12″ to temperatures in the range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit is framed with stainless steel and has a ceramic cook top that will be easy for your staff to clean.


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