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Gotham Steel 1938 Grill Mat, Copper

While grilled foods are mouthwatering and delicious, making them is a messy and tiring task. Not only do you have to contend with flare ups and burnt food, but the clean up afterwards is downright difficult. And if it is veggies you are grilling, you have to constantly watch over them lest they fall through the grate gaps. Gotham Steel Grill mat makes grilling a breeze with its nonstick and hassle free construction. Since the surface has nonstick covering food does not stick to the surface. You can grill fish filets, cheese and meat without the sauce or cheese sticking to the surface. Even small sized veggies can be grilled without worrying about them falling through the grate. The grill mat makes grilling a neat and clean job. You will not have to cleanup any charred mess on the grill as the mat prevents any food or baste from falling on it. The mat can be removed, cleaned and used again. You need to just wipe the mat and load it in the dishwasher. The mat eliminates any tiring scraping and scrubbing that is generally needed with the conventional grills.


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