Brand : Gourmet Grade

Gourmet Grade GM800 7-Quart 10 Speed 700w All-Metal Stand Mixer

The Bowl &
Splash Guard

Engineered to the same “commercial grade” specifications the our
mixer, this stainless steel bowl holds a full 6.7 quarts and mounts
securely to make easy work of the toughest recipes. Add to that a tough,
see through splashguard that also makes it easy to add “last minute
ingredients” and you have a combination that will “bowl” you over.”

The Control
Direct Drive power
system delivers maximum power from
motor to mixing
bowl. 10 precision
speed settings so you
get precisely the
results you want

The Attachments
All attachments
feature unique
nostick finish.

Pastry Hook
The unique “Flared U” shape of our Pastry Hook
ensures “maximum mixing”-no matter the recipe.
Like all Gourmet Grade accessories it’s been
designed especially for the Gourmet Grade mixing
bowl. So you get more power and versatility and
of course consistently superior results!

Thanks to it’s unique “elliptical wire-frame” design
our whisk incorporates more air to the mixing process
and allows you to easily create lighter whipped creams,
fluffier cakes and deliciously incredible icings.

Flat Beater
Unlike most beaters, ours is designed to work exclusively with our bowl.
This results in more uniform mixing and less waste-as well as better
batters and more divine desserts & doughs. In short, for great results in
“nothing flat”, nothing beats our precision engineered flat beater.


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