Price : $13.79
Brand : Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker

Save money on carbonated beverages and help the environment by reducing waste. The Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker makes it easy to prepare carbonated beverages from the comfort of home. You can make a practically endless variety of fruit and cola-flavored sodas and even better, you’ll know exactly what you’re consuming. After use, the Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker fits nicely in any drawer.

Eight CO2 cartridges are included with the Fizzini Hand-Held Carbonated Soda Maker and one, one liter BPA free water bottle, so start making your favorite carbonated beverages right away. All you need is fresh, cold water. Simply drop in a CO2 cartridge, attach the unit to the water-filled bottle and turn to release the carbonation. You can control the carbonation level with the adjustable fizz control knob. After carbonating your water, you can enjoy a sparkling glass right away or add flavored syrup or fruit juice to customize your soda just the way you like it.


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