Brand : Hitachi

Hitachi HB B101 Bread Machine

There’s nothing quite like the warm aroma of freshly baked homemade bread from the oven. With the help of this user-friendly bread machine, even those with a busy, on-the-go schedule can enjoy this simple pleasure–without the time-consuming hard work normally associated with baking bread. Just add ingredients, press a few buttons, and it takes care of the rest. The Hitachi Bread Machine Maker HB-B101 automatically bakes all the traditional yeast white and wheat breads. It also bakes non-yeast, quick breads–like banana and gingerbread–and sweet cakes. And it mixes, kneads, and rises doughs for pizza, croissants, and other pastries without baking them. A timer permits the machine to be programmed up to 13 hours in advance so fresh bread or cake is available for breakfast or dinner. For cleanup convenience, the baking pan is nonstick. Clad in metal and packing 680 watts of power, the machine measures 14 inches wide, 14 inches high, and 10 inches deep. Its instruction booklet is exceptionally easy to understand and includes recipes for several breads and doughs. Features include 3 bread loaf sizes: Small (7oz), Medium (14oz), Large (1.3lb). You can bake loaves to suit the size of your family. With its built-in Timer, just set it in the evening, and it’s ready in the morning! Delay time from 4.3 to 13 hours. Choose from 4 recipes: BREAD (basic loaf bread), BREAD RAPID (a speedy bread recipe), MIX BREAD (for raisin, nut loaf or other breads), DOUGH (make a variety of bread types such as dinner rolls or French bread). Your choice of Light, Medium or Dark crust settings. The Lock Button blocks any other unwanted variations, making it impossible to accidentally press the OFF button.


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