Price : $225.84
Brand : Kylin-k

Kylin-k Water Maker with 1 1L and 1 0.6L BPA-free Water Bottles, One Touch Soda Water Maker, Carbonated Water Machine with Drip Guard, CO2 Cylinder Not Included

Use the bubble water made by this machine, without any additives, healthier, fresher, better drink


1. It is recommended to use 1-4 ° C ice water to make the taste better, do not add water above 35 °C

2. Prohibit the use of juice, beverage, tea, wine or fruit in the machine

3. Avoid direct sunlight

4. Keep the machine working on a flat, stable surface

5. The bottle can not be used for hot water, it is forbidden to wash with boiling water.

6. Do not use dishwasher to clean

Package Contents:

1 * Host

1 * Gas cylinder

2 * Water bottle(1L+0.6L)

Scope of application: coffee shop equipment, tea restaurant equipment, western food shop equipment, Chinese food shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, etc.


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