Price : $133.00
Brand : Living Basix

Living Basix LB200 Digital Oil-Free Fryer

The newest product in Living Basix’s lineup is the new and improved JetFry Digital Oil-Free Fryer. Now equipped with an upgraded design, digital thermostat and more efficient heating element, the new Living Basix LB200 JetFry is a compact, countertop cooking appliance that utilizes a combination of convection and infrared heat to quickly “fry” frozen, fresh or oven ready fried foods such as French fries, chicken nuggets, egg rolls and other battered foods without using any oil. Food is cooked to the consistency of your favorite treats — crispy on the inside while moist on the inside. In addition, the JetFry can also grill foods such as hamburgers, chicken breasts, steaks and hot dogs. It can also bake pizzas, croissants, hot sandwiches and other items to a flaky and freshly baked finish. So easy to use, simply plug in the JetFry Digital Oil-Free Fryer into a standard household outlet, place your food in the food basket, set your time and temperature and your food will be perfectly “fried” within minutes with no grease, no mess and no odors!.


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