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Brand : LKE

LKE Nonstick Cupcake Cookies Bakeware Mould 12 Cups Reusable Silicone Muffin – Cupcake Baking Pans tool with durable odorless for Dishwasher Microwave(Red)

Are you worry about your muffin pan sticky? Did you forgot to spray non-stick spray on your metallic pan? Would you like a non-stick cupcake pan? How about getting a silicone bakeware? You will enjoy a non-stick cooking and easily pop out the muffins when you pushed from the bottom.
The reason why you choose our product:
1.❤Non-stick pan and easy to clean❤Safe use in dishwasher, oven, refrigerator and microwave
2.High quality. Constructed of high quality 100% pure food grade silicone; ❤FDA approved and BPA FREE❤; odor resistant, reusable, recyclable and money-saving
3.❤Don’t worry about break.❤Using hard plastic molds, sometimes the mold cracks when you try to get your pieces out. But this silicone mold won’t break like that. You could pop them out effortlessly by pressing the bottom
4.❤Folds easily in small areas❤pans retain their original shape; no more storage or stacking problems
After using, wash with water(diluted food detergent) or into dishwasher, do not use abrasive cleaners. Make sure the silicone cup is thoroughly dried before use and storage;
Silicone cups should be placed on a flat baking tray when baking. Do not allow the mold dry roasted, such as a 6-mold, you only fill 3 molds, the other 3 molds must be loaded with water. Otherwise, the mold will roast bad, service life will be reduced. In order to achieve the best baking results, before baking in the cup surface spray little non-stick baking oil;
After baking finished,remove the entire pan from the oven and place the baked product on the grid until it’s completely cooled;
Silicone cup can only be used in ovens and microwave ovens,must not be directly used in gas or electricity, or directly above the heating plate or under the barbecue to use;
Do not use a knife or other sharp appliances on the silicone cup,can not stress, pull;
Silicone mold(due to static electricity),it’s easy to stuck dust, long time no use,it’s best placed in the paper box


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