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Melitta 40994 1.7-Liter Kettle

Melitta 40994 Kettle

Brew the perfect cup of tea or prepare any hot beverage with the Melitta 1.7 Liter Cordless Kettle. With 1500 watts, this electric kettle boils water faster than a microwave, and is safer to use than a stovetop kettle because it automatically turns off when the water reaches a boil. The premium stainless steel kettle and base are compact, space- saving, and look great on the counter. Not just for the kitchen, this kettle can be used in a home office or even a dorm room for hot beverages anytime. Dual water windows have modern blue illumination for easy water level viewing. Serving at the table is no problem as the kettle lifts right off the 360-degree rotating base without the cord. The powerful rapid-boil system provides fast heating and the auto shut-off function helps keep the kettle from boiling dry. Features including a stay-cool handle, push-button lid and easy-pour spout make filling and serving easy. A simple twist hides any extra cord in the base for convenient storage when not in use.

More than tea

When you think of electric kettles, tea usually comes to mind. However, many different beverages as well as food can be prepared with hot water. Start the day with a bowl of instant oatmeal or prepare a hot cup of soup for lunch. A mug of hot cocoa is perfect on a cold winter day; the kettleā€™s 1.7 liter capacity is large enough for several servings, so you can save time by quickly boiling one pot of water instead of microwaving several mugs. Interested in the new trend of pour over coffee? Pour over coffee brewing involves putting a coffee filter into a glass or ceramic cone, adding your favorite ground coffee, and then pouring boiled water through the grounds for the freshest extraction possible.

Automatic safety features protect from damage and overheating

Concerned about the kettle discoloring from boiling dry? No worries, this electric kettle is equipped with safety devices to give you ease and peace of mind during and after use. If the kettle is accidentally switched on without being filled with water first, the safety setting will automatically switch off. Unplug the kettle, then wait about 15 minutes before refilling.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea

Bring filtered or good-tasting tap water to a boil in the kettle. Use 6 ounces of water per cup of tea. If using loose tea instead of tea bags, measure one rounded teaspoon of tea per cup into an infuser and place the infuser in the cup. If no infuser is available, put the loose tea directly into the cup. Pour heated water directly over the tea. For stronger tea, add more leaves rather than infusing longer than is recommended. Recommended steeping times for green tea is 1 to 3 minutes, white tea 3 to 4 minutes, herbal tea 5 minutes and black, darjeeling, or oolong tea 3 to 5 minutes.

Tips and care

Before use, fill kettle with selected amount of water with mesh filter in place, and ensure that water level is between 0.5 L and MAX on the water level window and on level surface before serving. Overfilling the kettle may cause boiling water to spit out of the spout. Do not use for any purpose other than heating water, as other liquids or food will contaminate the interior and void the warranty. Note: Use care when handling the kettle to avoid spilled hot liquid, scalding, or burns.

Easy cleanup

A wide opening makes cleaning the kettle much easier. Allow the kettle to cool before cleaning. Make sure the electric kettle is off and unplugged before cleaning it. For optimum performance, clean the removable mesh filter every time. Do not use abrasive scouring pads or cleaners, since this may damage the stainless steel surface. Instead, rinse the filter periodically under running water and gently brush with a clean toothbrush.

Features and Benefits
  • Premium stainless steel finish
  • Push button lid opens gently every time
  • Cord-free serving
  • Concealed heating element
  • Dual water windows illuminate blue for easy viewing
  • Automatic shutoff with boil-dry protection
  • Anti-scale mesh filter
  • Extra-large capacity allows for multiple servings
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Stay-cool handle
  • Cord wind hides extra cord when not in use
  • Tea guide included


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