Brand : MIDEA

MIDEA 2-8 Cup Smart Rice Cooker

This is how you use this rice cooker. It is very easy. PLUG THE POWER CORD to the wall outlet. PRESS “ON/OFF/START” button to power on. ADD INGREDIENTS to the removable pot, not exceeding the “MAX” marking. For instance, you can use the measuring cup to add 4 cups of uncooked rice, and add water to the inner pot until it reaches the 4 cup marking. You can steam vegetables or other things while cooking rice. Just put the stuff in the steamer, and set the steamer on top of the rice in the inner pot. CLOSE THE LID until it clicks. SELECT A COOKING PROGRAM by pressing “Menu” button or the “Congee”, “White Rice”, or “Quick Rice” button. You can adjust the cooking time of Oatmeal, Soup, Steam, Stew, Slow Cook, and Congee by pressing “h” and “m”. You cannot adjust the cooking time of Brown Rice, Baby Porridge, Reheat, White Rice and Quick Rice. After selecting program and adjusting cooking time, you can SET DELAY TIMER by pressing “Delay Timer” and “h” and “min”. This is optional, but allows you to plan your meal with great flexibility. For instance, you can prepare the cooking at night before going to bed for the cooker to cook breakfast the next morning automatically. Finally, press “ON/OFF/START” button to start the cooking. The cooker will start to cook immediately. If Delay Cooking is selected, then, the cooker will countdown the delay time and then start cooking. At the end of the cooking, the rice cooker will beep, and then start automatic Keep Warm to keep the food warm and fresh until you are ready. Press “Warm/Cancel” button to abort program or cooking at any time. You can also press the “Warm/Cancel” button to turn on or off Keep Warm function. PLEASE NOTE that this is a high end rice cooker that uses fuzzy logic to cook rice to the best taste. This cooker is UL certificated and is made EXCLUSIVELY for Green Living/Green Electronics as indicated on the color box.


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