Price : $59.99
Brand : Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 Optimal Brew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker, Black/Stainless Steel

Brew a Delicious Cup of Coffee

Good taste is no longer optional, it’s required. The new Optimal Brew thermal coffeemaker from Mr. Coffee will brew faster and hotter than your average coffeemaker. These two elements combine to provide the fullest, richest flavor extraction and making a better cup of coffee.

Sleek and Easy to Use

The stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe will help keep coffee hot for hours on your counter top or at your table. A removable water reservoir will allow you to fill the water in your coffeemaker without cooling down the coffee carafe or having to move your coffeemaker from under the counter.

No More Cold Coffee

The Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew Coffeemaker was manufactured to solve the most common complaint from thermal coffeemaker users, that being cold coffee. Step one was to use a heater that could brew the coffee hotter than what is traditionally used in coffeemakers. Step two was adding a removable water reservoir. This was designed to avoid having people using the carafe to fill the water tank which caused the carafe to cool down. Step three was to deliver the coffee to the carafe with minimal air contact time.

Better Tasting Coffee

Two key elements are needed to extract a better cup of coffee: hotter temperature and faster brew time. The Optimal Brew coffeemaker brews 10 cups in less than 8 minutes – faster than competitive coffeemakers tested. This allows for optimal extraction of flavor from the coffee grounds during the brew process. The flavor extraction of the coffee grounds is amplified by the fact that the water is hotter than other coffeemakers. After using this coffeemaker your taste buds will thank you.

New Features

The Optimal Brew Coffeemaker delivers some innovative features aimed at making your life easier. These features were implemented into the design to make the coffeemaker function better and easier.

  • Removable water reservoir: Bring the water reservoir directly to the sink for filling up and avoid having to pour into the top of your coffeemaker. Don’t cool down your carafe with cold water because that will only lead to cold coffee.

  • Side loading filter basket: Removing the coffee filter drawer from the side will give you access to the coffeemaker without having to slide it out from under your cabinets. It also compliments the design by eliminating the need for a lid on your coffeemaker.

  • Higher power heater: The best way to brew coffee faster and hotter. The heater is not required to be under the coffeemaker which allows for a nice carafe platform instead of the bulky bottom you accustomed to.

Programmable coffee brewing

Minimizes air cooling

Side loading filter basket

Removable water reservoir


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