Price : $23.99
Brand : LKE

Muffin pans non stick,LKE Bakeware sets Halloween limited Silicone muffin pan for Cookie/Jello/Chocolate/Candy/Cake baking molds

Details of molds:
Silicone molds Color:Orange
Material of Silicone molds :Silicone
size of Silicone molds: 9.06*6.69*1.38(depth)Inch
Silicone molds Incude shapes: Crossbone ,Bat,Skull, Evil Pumpkin and Ghost

Advantages of molds:
1.Reusable and Easy Clean
2.Microwave and Oven Safe
3.Nonstick Silicone molds
4.Limited Edition for Halloween
5.Safe and Environmentally Friendly


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