Price : $5.69
Brand : Luckygoo

Pastry Wheel Decorator and Cutter Set for Beautiful Pie Crust, Durable Pizza Pastry Pie Lattice Decoration Cutters Tool for Pies, Waffles and Dough Cookies (Red)

Product: Pastry Wheel Decorator
Material: plastic
Color: red
Pastry Wheel Decorator Size:10x8x2cm/3.9″x3.1″inch;9.5x8x2.3cm/3.7″x3.1″inch
Use for: pizza, pie, ravioli FEATURES:
⭐Pastry Decorator – Easily and beautifully finish your pie crusts and quiches every time!
⭐Easy to Roll – Lightly, smoothly roll the decorator/ cutter to get decorative finish
⭐Precise Cutting – Create consistent shaped strips / braided edges
⭐Made of FDA approved silicone and plastic; disassembles for easy cleaning; Dishwasher safe.
⭐Use with pie dough, puff pastry, fondantand more
⭐Bake the perfect pie every time with our Pastry Wheel Decorator!
⭐To DECORATE your pie, easily stamp your pie crust with a classic, beautiful braided patternby rolling the wheel along the edge of your prepared crust.
⭐To CUT your pastry, roll out your pie dough onto a floured surface to cut perfect 3/4-inch wide lattice strips every time!
⭐Quickly and easily create even and consistent lattice strips.

Package included:
1x Pizza Tool

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