Price : $139.99
Brand : Secura

Secura Infrared Convection Countertop TurboFry Oven 997MC, Rotisserie Oven Low-Fat Fryer with Carbon Heat

Traditional deep fryers soak the foods you cook with grease that contains high amounts of saturated fats. This is why the Secura TurboFry Oven is so different. It uses only 1 tablespoons of cooking oil to prepare up to two pounds of French fries (weight of peeled and cut potatoes). Just how can this oven make this happen? The secret has to do with how it cooks. It uses a charged turbo fan that cooks the French fries with hot air as opposed to cooking oil that is greasy and fattening. The oven uses a food tumbler that will mix the fries and oil for best results. The cooking temperature is reached almost instantly by using an infrared heating element. These infrared waves cook the food inside out so that your food will be cooked thoroughly in the shortest possible time. 


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