Price : $382.52
Brand : siroca

siroca hybrid Toaster Oven ST-G121(W) (White)

Product features ★ Hybrid Toaster Oven ◆ 0.2 second instant heating heater and hot air circulation ● At the moment when it rises in 0.2 seconds, it quickly burns the ingredients with a new heating method of heating heater and hot air circulation. ◆ The surface is crispy, the inside is rich, the toast of superb article ● Hybrid Toaster Oven that burns quickly and does not let out moisture. By quickly burning and confining the moisture originally contained in bread, it realizes a crispy texture of mouthfeel. I will not let you taste good. ◆ Non-fry oven without preheating ● With the instant heating heater and hot air circulation, the heat rises quickly, there is no need to preheat non-fry cooking and oven cooking. There is no need to preheat the oven beforehand, so you can save time in preparation. ◆ Instant Heating Heater ● The moment the heater rises in 0.2 seconds, the heating heater deliciously burns the ingredients delicately with the far infrared effect. ◆ Convection (hot air circulation) oven ● By incorporating a fan, it convects heat in the cabinet. Because it is baked in hot air and oven, it becomes a little bit different from oven only. ◆ Four breads can be baked at a time, yet a neat and compact ● The interior is spacious, yet its appearance is compact. If bread, you can bake up to 4 pizzas at the same time, up to 10 inches (about 25 cm / M size) for pizza. ◆ Also bread and delicatessen deliciously baked and freshly made with warming ● If you are a hybrid Toaster Oven, also prepared dishes such as commercially available bread and fried foods, it will be as baked as you can, and the taste like freshness will revive. ◆ Bread and side dishes are made at the same time, simultaneous cooking ● You can cook bread and side dish simultaneously at the same time. It is a nice recipe for a busy morning that you can also make a classic morning menu such as butter toast and bacon egg.


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