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siroca yogurt pasta dough also make glutinous-rice flour / rice bread corresponding home bakery SHB-315

Product Description ※ This item is part, there is a case where I am allowed to deliver the consumer electronics retailer model SHB-325. Please note that equivalent models SHB-315 products page will be (model name is different only in the performance are the same). Roles one 18! 1.5 loaf corresponding home bakery of siroca! I wanted to hear it is “delicious!” Bread to make at home is, do not use any additives bread And there is muffled plenty of affection. So that all of the people that Devour fresh bread is smile, “More delicious,” “the more convenient,” “more easily” I made such a home bakery! ◆ features of the home bakery SHB-315 Home bakery, put the material you press the button only of easy operation! 18 menu loading of enhancement! Rice bread from basic bread, what I can make up to yogurt! Moreover, with original recipes From the direction of home bakery beginner to more advanced users, various I enjoy! ◆ glutinous rice bread three! Basics of bread, of course, also can make rice flour bread or rice cake! We are also compatible with rice flour without gluten, is also recommended for those wheat component is weak. In addition, in the little remaining rice and wheat flour, “rice bread” and I can make! it is possible to have to feel warm, Motchiri and then texture is addictive! ◆ I can make up to yogurt! Gourmet menu other than bread rich! I can make up the dough and pizza dough noodle pasta. Well fit fresh jam on bread, also make further pound cake style of delicious cake. And what, just fit a commercially available plain yogurt and milk, easy-to-make up yogurt!


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