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Soda Stick

The Soda Stick (UPC: 661799440257) is a 1-lb soda maker dynamo. It’s versatile and powerful enough to produce the most highly carbonated seltzer, mineral

and tonic waters. You can brew ‘n bottle your own unique home soda recipes. Or you can buy soda syrup BIBs (Bag-In-Box) like the restaurants do and make

your own name brand soda for around 10-cents-a-glass. And you can force carbonate even the most delicate light beers to achieve the perfect nose and mouth

feel. Our competitors’ products are limited to carbonating only water. But with the Soda Stick, carbonating grapes, cranberries, melon balls, citrus wedges,

turning wine into Champagne and recarbonating flat soft drinks is a breeze. You can literally carbonate anything you can fit into a soda bottle. The Soda Stick

comes with two FiZZ GiZ carbonation caps. All you need is a paintball tank and a common soda bottle. The Stick comes with a built-in CO₂ pressure

regulator. You control the output pressure. You can reuse pretty much any soda or seltzer bottle on the planet. ‘Perrier’ (ASIN B003QQ4BP0) and S.Pelligrino (ASIN B003Q4TVKW) bottles work great. My apologies to Amazon customers requiring delivery outside the United States. I cannot ship Soda Stick kits to

international destinations from this Amazon sales portal.

FiZZ GiZ warrants your Soda Stick against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for life to the original registered buyer. If it ever breaks – send it back – we repair or

replace it. We’re sure you’ll be happy with your purchase; and we offer a 60-day absolute satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you

are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return it within 60-days of the sale date for a full refund of your purchase price – no questions asked.

If you need more FiZZ GiZ caps, they’re available right here on Amazon. Want a more natural, fizzier lifestyle without artificial flavors & preservatives? Get a

Soda Stick today from FiZZ GiZ.


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