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SodaSparkle Compact and Safe DIY Carbonated Soft Drink Maker Deluxe Starter Kit with 2 Eco-Friendly Bottles

The SodaSparkle deluxe starter kit includes the standard and extra-fizz bottle for more intense carbonation. SodaSparkle employs patented technology that differentiates the product from other items in the marketplace using a two part seal process to allow optimal carbonation for superior taste results and extra fizz. There are 2 safety valves with dual purpose: enables replacement of air in bottle by co2 for improved results and double protection to prevent build up of bottle pressure. The co2 chamber made out of reinforced nylon that automatically closes to protect user. SodaSparkle is good for the environment because it eliminates the use of plastic bottles at home, it uses disposable and recyclable food grade co2 chargers and is more cost and energy efficient than buying bottled drinks from the supermarket. Easy to use disposable canisters are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. This low cost alternate to normal processed soda is purposeful, tasteful and easy to store. SodaSparkle turns tap water into easy-to-make carbonated soft drinks, it makes sparkling waters and non-alcoholic cocktails at home SodaSparkle is quick, fun and easy to use, uses natural flavors, is cheaper than buying soft drinks and is environmentally friendly. SodaSparkle is more advanced than bottled drinks from the supermarket because it is cheaper, healthier and less damaging to the environment than store bought processed soda.


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