Brand : SodaStream

SodaStream 1017512018 Genesis Home Soda Maker, Black and Silver

The Soda Stream Genesis Home Soda Maker is a modern slim-line design that looks good in any kitchen and a must have item for soda lovers. The idea is simple. Making your own soda gives you ultimate flexibility in your flavoring options without having to buy, carry and store large quantities of cans or plastic bottles. Not only will you save money, but the Soda Stream is eco-friendly because you will also reduce the amount of cans or plastic bottles needing to be recycled or added to landfills. No electricity or batteries required. This fun soda maker turns fresh filtered water into your favorite soda or tonic water within seconds. Its fun and easy to use. Simply attach the BPA-free plastic carbonating bottles, press the carbonating button until you hear three buzzes, add your preferred flavoring from over 60 flavors and enjoy. You can even make flavored tonic waters or just enjoy sparking water.


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