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Sushiquik Complete Sushi Making Starter Kit with Aroma Rice Cooker

We designed our kit so everyone can make a sushi roll the very first time!

We took all the guess work out of it. The hardest thing to do as a beginner is to spread the right amount of rice. That’s why we designed our training frame which measures exactly the amount of rice you need to make a perfect role. We also designed our non-stick rice paddle to help you spread the rice along the training frame.

The last thing you need as a beginner is dealing with sticky rice all over your fingers as your trying to spread the rice. Then once the roll is made, cutting the roll evenly can be challenging for beginners. So we created the SushiQuik Roll Cutter which let’s you evenly cut your rolls while saving your fingers.

To enjoy your rolls, we turned the end caps into soy sauce holders! And then once your done having your sushi party, we designed the rolling mat to snap apart so that you can easily place it in the dishwasher along with your silverware. Our whole kit is dishwasher safe, so no worries! We know you will love this kit.

The whole family will have fun making sushi!


Easy Sushi Roll Cutter
Training Frame
Rice Cooker
Rice Vinegar
Nuri Sheets
Sushi Rice
Soy Sauce
Roasted Sesame


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