Price : $97.28
Brand : Tatung

Tatung TAC-10GS-BL 10 Cup Multi-Functional Aluminum Rice Cooker, Black

Tatung’s TAC-10GS-BK features a stainless steel inner pot. It is a multi-functional cooker that can cook rice, stew, steam, boil and reheat your meals. TAC-10GS-BK uses indirect heating system to preserve taste and texture in food dishes. Indirect heating system heats and steams the entire pot, so dishes are tastier and are cooked evenly. TAC-10GS-BK cooker includes a steaming tray for steaming your favorite dishes such as dim sum, tamales and vegetables etc. If you want to cook and steam up to three dishes at once you can purchase the INPT-6S inner pot along with the TAC-S02 double stacker steamer to save you time.


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