Price : $269.97
Brand : Tiger

TIGER home bakery freshly baked white one loaf for KBC-S100W

Product Description ◆ Because it is homemade, and safe and healthy, delicious! “Salt-free bread” and “soy Funshoku bread” course new equipped ◆ by loading of Unusual fermentation by watching the state of the fabric “warming charged” dough cooling fan, thereby preventing the temperature rise, reducing the over-fermentation of yeast. ◆ Far red effect up in the pot coating pan case 30 menu of enhancement enjoy depending on the application ◆ ◆ stuffed bread can be automatically “automatic insertion equipment Put case” I enjoy ◆ noodles, pizza dough, rice, etc., also menu other than bread ◆ to put clean, compact body ◆ menu: bread. Aging bread, baked bread early, soft bread, rich bread, brioche-style bread, French bread, rye bread, whole wheat bread Rice bread, rice Funshoku bread (containing wheat), rice Funshoku bread (wheat zero), salt-free bread, soy Funshoku bread, natural yeast bread, natural yeast dough, natural yeast raw seed revitalization Bread dough, pizza dough, rice flour dough (containing wheat), rice flour dough (wheat zero), knead the dough, fermentation 1, fermentation 2, baked, noodles, pasta dough, cake, rice flour cake, jam, rice cake Specifications Color ■: White 1 loaf type body size (approx.): Width 23.2 × depth 30.8 × height 30.6cm Weight: about 5.4kg Power Heater: 335W motor (50Hz / 60Hz): 85W / 75W Accessories: Japanese Cookbook combined manual


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