Price : $404.86
Brand : Tiger

TIGER IH home bakery freshly baked loaf size KBX-A100-W

Product Description ● crisp and baked at once in Paris Fuwashoku-kan high firepower “IH heater heating” ● The Unusual fermentation by watching the state of the fabric “warming charged” ● 35 menu ◆ color spread from hard system bread to the corner bread with thin skin: white ◆ 1 loaf type ◆ body size (approx.): width 23.2 × depth 31.6 × height 33.9cm ◆ weight: about 5.9kg ◆ power consumption / heater: 700W, motor (50Hz / 60Hz): 27W / 27W ◆ accessories: weighing cup, measuring spoon, Japanese Cookbook combined manual


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