Price : $149.99
Brand : True Induction

True Induction P3D Single Burner Induction Cooktop, Energy Efficient

Induction cooking is the easiest and safest way to get everyone in the family cooking. The simple touch controls of the True Induction cooktop make it truly family friendly. True Induction cooktop come with many safety feature built in to keep cooking safe. The cooktop will stay cool to the touch during cooking and will only be warm where the pot or pan was. True Induction cooktops will automatically detect pots or pans when they are near the induction burner. This a great safety feature that insures that cooktop will only heat up when there is a pot or pan present. With 1600W of cooking power, the True Induction Single Burner Cooktop will effortless cook your food to perfection. Induction cooktop do require that your pots and pans be made out of a magnetic material. To check to see if your pots and pans are induction ready use an everyday magnet to see if it will stick to the bottom of the pan.


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