Price : $259.43
Brand : True Induction

True Induction S2F2 Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient

The TRUE Induction Cook top is an energy efficient portable induction cook top that offers the prefect union of sleek design and advanced technology. With quick response times, even heating and instant heat adjustments-True Induction offers a state of the art cooking experience while being the pinnacle of safety. Induction cooking does not generate heat. Induction cooking energizes the molecules of the pan itself, so the pan heats up but the cooking surface does not. True Induction portable cookers are safe because there are no open flames; the counter top induction unit heats the pan(s) and food at chosen temperatures (between 150° F – 450° F)- not the entire area. It’s powered by a standard kitchen 120V outlet. This dual induction cook top has built in power sharing technology. If you are only using one burner, that burner can utilize the full 1800 watts. As you turn on the other burner the system automatically balances the available 1800 watts between the two burners depending on the heat settings. Traditionally, double cook tops are built at 1800 watts and just shares the power equally between the two burners at 900 watts each. This leaves wasted potential cooking power. The True Induction allows you to full use all 1800 watts! Additionally, the digital touch panel is conveniently located on the top of the model so there is no strain to find knobs or functions. There are no crevasses, lips, plastic or separators on the surface; even around the controls. It is all one solid piece of glass making clean up simple and quick. Induction requires pots and pans that are made of ferrous (meaning magnetic) materials. Optimal cookware has a flat bottom and a diameter of 4.5″ – 10″ inches. Quick test for induction compatibility: A magnet should be able to stick to the bottom of the pan. If it can it will work.


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