Price : $299.99
Brand : True Induction

True Induction Double Burner – Counter Inset Model

Induction generates a magnetic circuit with ferromagnetic cookware causing the ferromagnetic pots/pans to heat up, keeping all of the heat concentrated in the cookware rather than the air around it. This concentration of heat allows food to cook faster and uses less energy to generate, saving you time and money.

Now, True Induction would like to introduce a new variation of their induction cooker: the Double Burner Counter Inset. Other induction cookers sit on top of your counter; taking up space, being another object that needs to be moved when cleaning, and looking more like something extra in a kitchen rather than a part of the kitchen. With the Double Burner Counter Inset, you can now install your induction cooker into the counter itself, forming a seamless surface to prep and cook food with. Plus, induction cookers do not require special cleaners so you can use the same cleaner for your counter on the induction cooker itself.

Additionally, since the Double Burner Counter Inset is not attached to a giant oven unit, you can install it wherever you think it will be the most accessible and leave the most room for you to work with. You could even purchase two Double Burner Counter Inset units and lay them out side-by-side or in the traditional stove top arrangement or have one on one side of the kitchen and one on the other. The possibilities are endless.

True Induction cookers are the way of the future and the Double Burner Counter Inset is here to lead the way. You can now cook food faster to meet your time requirements and use less energy while doing it, saving you money in the long run. It plugs into any electrical outlet so even if you don’t install it into your counter top, you can still make use of it if there is an electrical outlet nearby. Thus, if you love cooking or even if you’re looking for a quick, simple method of cooking, look no further than the Double Burner Counter Inset.


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