Price : $63.97
Brand : U-Drive Auto

U-Drive Auto 1400W 4.2L Non-Stick Low Fat Cook Deep Fryer Hot Skinny Health Food Air Fryer Deep Dryer

Item Specification

Basket 3L, Pot 4.2L, If use grill rack, have 4.0L max capacity

3.0L basket with handle, Design for French Fries, can fixed with Grill rack and sake

Max 4L volume Grill rack for meat, Design for Meat, Cake

0-30 min timer automaticlly shut off with alarm/indicator

Power: 120V, 60Hz, 1400W

With overheat protection

Retractable power cord with 1.0M visible length

LED indicator lights

Dishwasher safe for both pot, basket & grill rack


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