Brand : Venpole

Venpole 1400w Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Vp1-14a-5 with Black Crystal Surface, Black

Unit size:L275xW356xH58mm 
Gift box size:L325xW411xH84mm

More Details:
1.Electricity consumption: Very energy efficient(uses up to 50% less electricity than electric hob with cast iron cooking plates),because on cookware is heated up and not the hob.
2.Utilization:Soot and depositions are not forming,ceiling,walls and furniture do not cover with soot which is especially important if a kitchen is joint with a living room.
3.Heating up: In comparison to conventional electric hobs only half of time is needed to reach the boiling temperature on induction cooker.
4.Maintenance:It’s easy to clean the smooth surface;even if spilled over food is not cleaned at once,it won’t burn.
5.Safety:If the vessel is taken off and hob is forgotten turned on it turns off itself.
6.Fire safety:After switching off the cooker or taking off the vessel the cooking process stops and the surface cools down quickly.

The Package includes:
Venpole VP1-14A-5 induction cooker*1
User manual*1
Warranty card*1


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