Brand : VonShef

VonShef Compact Portable Single Hot Plate Table Top Kitchen Camping Burner in Black

The VonShef portable hob is an ideal table top cooking solution if you are really pressed for space. It’s sleek, light and compact design allows ease of transportation or storage. However due to its simple design why not leave it out for everyday use. You can let dishes cook or just keep them warm for serving using this VonShef Double Hot Plate. As it is portable, you can cook any place where there’s a plug socket; whether it be in the kitchen, on a camping trip or in your holiday home.

Guaranteeing product safety is important to us, so we incorporated an automatic power reduction feature into the device; if a pan boils dry or is removed, the hob will shut down, cooling off safely and prolonging hotplate life at the same time. Unlike conventional hobs, the VonShef unibody design is also highly durable and easy to clean, ensuring your cooking experience is as pleasurable and mess-free as possible.

This stylish and compact design allows for ease of storage within your kitchen or holiday home therefore not taking up that precious space that could be used for preparation of delicious meals. This innovative piece of kit is perfect for those who demand instant, convenient cooking, whenever and wherever you feel like.


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