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Waterbridge Electric Plate Warmer – Holds up to 15 Plates – Heritage Navy

The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is a hard to find great gift idea for anyone who enjoys cooking and entertaining. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is a thermostatically controlled electric plate warmer that safely sits on any tabletop surface and heats up to 15 plates to keep food hot longer. A primary rule in culinary serving is that hot food must be served on hot plates. When food cools off it begins to set. Its appearance becomes less attractive and appealing to the eye and food flavor is not accented to its full height. What is so unique about the Waterbridge Plate Warmer is it simple design and fashionable appeal. You simply put your plates in between the folds and in no time at all plates reach a hot yet comfortable temperature of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and you can still hold onto the outside rim of the plate. Safely heats fine bone china plates. There is no chipping or cracking from heating plates in or on top of the oven, microwave or dishwasher and it also frees up space in the oven. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer is available in a variety of designs and colors, includes a clear zipper bag for easy storage and has a 10 year limited warranty. The Waterbridge Plate Warmer has 100% more plate coverage area than conventional warmers and heats more plates faster. 120V, 80W with a North American 2 blade plug. Made in Canada since 1997.


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