Price : $332.40
Brand : Panasonic

Panasonic Home Bakery (1 loaf type) SD-MT1-T (Brown)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

Product features ★ Leave bread and sweets in rich menu ◆ “Dough menu” can be done automatically to dough ● Two doughs of “dough / natural yeast bread dough” are equipped with a menu that can be done automatically. ◆ Stable taste all year round “Easy auto-injection” Panasonic’s home bakery is amazing here! ● Depending on the seasons and the room temperature change during driving, you can bake breads of stable taste throughout the year. ◆ Timer reservation / baking color function Eating baked bread for breakfast ● Dry yeast course can be set up until 13 hours, natural yeast course can be set till 10 hours later. ● The baking color can also be set in 3 stages of “light / standard / dark”. ● Reservation timers can be used for bread de mi, rice cake bread de mi, fluffy bread de mi, bread, soft bread, bread for sandwiches, rice bread, rice bread French bread, French bread, rye bread, whole grain flour Bread, white bread bread, half bread, rice flour bread (with wheat), rice flour bread (without wheat), natural yeast bread. ◆ Raisin / Automatic nuts injection / rough mixing function Raisin bread and others can be baked with reservation timer ● If you start by putting ingredients in a raisin / nut container beforehand, you can mix ingredients evenly into the fabric. ● Soft ingredients such as cheese and bacon can be mixed while leaving the shape by using “coarse mixing function”. ◆ “Inverter motor” which can change the speed of kneading Panasonic’s home bakery is amazing here! ● Panasonic’s home bakery is equipped with an “inverter motor” that allows you to freely adjust the speed of kneading materials. ● By skillfully adjusting the speed from “low speed mixing” to “high speed kneading”, it is possible to use three types of pan · de mi with different texture, 60 minutes pan to realize short time, marble pan without irregularity, variegated You can make a kind of bread. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By “Newsbridge” ★ ★ ※


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